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pokerchatforum May 22, 2023
Updated 2023/05/23 at 1:00 PM

As we enter another season of English Premier League action, many will begin placing bets with our favourite bookmakers or deciding which bookmaker is best suited for this year’s campaign.

There isn’t a significant distinction among betting websites – each can quickly adapt its marketing tactics or new website features to stay ahead of the competition in an already highly-competitive marketplace. So please take a look at our reviews of each betting company before making your judgement about who to use.

William Hill has become increasingly well-known with football fans over recent years and remains one of the premier betting sites. As with most sites, William Hill allows its users to place bets online at home or directly via their phone on the go or at any local betting shop (of which there are plenty). They even provide live video/radio streaming of events you bet on, which can be watched using laptops or phones! William Hill is unquestionably one of the premier betting platforms available to UK audiences; however, for Eastern European markets or betting on events there, Williams Hill may disappoint as they put less effort into these markets, leading you to find fewer options to bet upon. Although licensed by London Stock Exchange makes them reasonably reliable, you won’t get scammed!


Ladbrokes is another betting powerhouse with an expansive presence in the UK market and strong brand recognition, featuring an easy website layout and simple branding; US customers, however, cannot bet with Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes offers mobile, internet, in-house, and phone betting – again showing the variety and accessibility of gambling markets. Their presence across Europe, with over 2,700 betting shops, demonstrates their dedication and are fully licensed – another testament to Ladbrokes being taken seriously as an enterprise. Ladbrokes offers fully secure bahis siteleri, so submitting bank or phone account details shouldn’t cause you any anxiety when making deposits – or on mobile. As one of the premier UK betting platforms, Ladbrokes is an ideal first choice if this is your first experience betting online or off.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power has quickly made waves in the UK since their initial debut in 1988 as one of Ireland’s only bookmakers – easily identifiable with their iconic green branding, which represents Irishness and can only accept Euro and GBP payments due to strong presence both here and there. You may recognize them from their green branding, which means Ireland. Established as recently as 1988 and only accepting Euro or GBP wagers due to its strong presence within Ireland and the UK gambling community, respectively, PaddyPower now ranks highly regarding reliability. Their quick cashout service, a large selection of betting markets from sports to music events, and novelty markets offer live betting; live betting capability. The live Betting feature also allows bettors to wager on markets where sports and music events are betting markets alongside music events, amongst others! Live Betting technology is also enabled by making phone, tablet and laptop wagers available so bettors can gamble from phones, tablets or laptops. PaddyPower only accepts Euro or GBP due to their strong presence here.

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