Poker Freerolls and their Advantages

pokerchatforum July 6, 2022
Updated 2022/07/06 at 1:24 PM

“Slow Play” refers to a term used in the game of poker, specifically Texas Holdem – for trying to lure opponents into making a big bet in hopes they can be enticed and get a bigger pot.

It’s generally used conjunction in conjunction with a great pre-flop hand such as the pocket Aces of Kings. Instead of betting big, the slow player will limp in (call or check) as if they don’t have a hand worth betting on, hoping that the opponent may have picked up a lower pair or straight draw and bet big. bet.

It’s a well-known poker maneuver and one which has made a lot of dollars for poker players throughout the years, but it’s not as effective. The main reason is that everyone is not as fast when it comes to their big hand and it’s almost expected.

How do you utilize this circumstance to your advantage?

If you catch a big hand, you should start betting. Instead of trying to lure your opponents to make an action so that you could come in over the top, make your bet. Most amateurs scowl at the thought of doing this because they fear that the rest of the table folds, and it is thought that they “waste” their big hand, but in reality, you’ll always receive some betting action from somebody.

If you bet on your big hand instead of slow playing it by slowing playing, you’re performing a double bluff since most players would play it slowly. Your opponents may think they are being sly and can expect to receive betting activity and eventually win more.

Another reason to bet is that, if you do not bet, you’re allowing your opponents a free look at the cards, and every time a player is turned over they could be changing a losing hand into an advantage.

There’s only one circumstance in which it is always beneficial to slow down your play for when you are dealt an absolute monster that almost can’t be beaten. For example say you are dealt Ace, Four clubs, and you flop Queen Ten, nine clubs. You’ve just flopped a Nut flush and are pretty much invincible. There’s a chance that someone could hold two pairs of Queens, Tens or Nines, and get a fourth on the river or the turn, or they could hold the King of clubs, and then catch the Jack to get a straight flush, but the chances of you not winning are now slim.

This is the best time to play it slow. There are a variety of hands that someone else could be holding to make them believe that they’re in a good position here; two other clubs, a straight draw, triples, or even just a Queen for the top pair. Whatever you have that someone will consider it worth placing bets on. If the river or flop results in a King, Queen Jack Ten, or Nine, you could get the chance to raise a large amount or an all-in from somebody.

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