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pokerchatforum February 18, 2023
Updated 2023/02/18 at 7:48 AM

Online betting and casino are hugely popular in Brazil. Many platforms can meet this demand.

That is the problem: most platforms need to offer suitable payment options for Brazilian players. Players must choose between an advantage or disadvantage to balance their bets and game.

A digital wallet that is truly Brazilian can solve this problem, as well as other issues in the betting and casino markets. PicPay is a big news story with many benefits, but will this digital wallet be able to satisfy Brazilian gamblers and players?

That is what we will discover in this article. Relax and continue reading to learn more.

PicPay: How does it work at online casinos?

PicPay, a multifunctional digital wallet that was founded in 2012 in Espirito Santo, aims to be a universal payment method that anyone can use.

The digital wallet has seen remarkable growth since its inception. Banco Original, a digital bank, saw its potential and purchased a portion of the company in 2015. They invested in the company to ensure its continued growth.

Most of this investment was made in marketing as the brand became more popular through digital ads with influencers and sponsorships at major events related to the digital world.

PicPay was designed to satisfy the Brazilian user. That means that PicPay knows the user’s needs and can offer all the support he needs to get there.

PicPay’s main benefits and tools are:


Cashback is a percentage that the user receives after making a purchase. PicPay has partnered with several commercial companies to offer customers a certain cashback percentage.

Your credit card

PicPay is a credit card that offers lower rates than the market. The acquisition of Banco Original created it. This credited service also includes PicPay commercial partnerships, which bring additional benefits to the card.

Get a Debit Card

Also, a debit card is available. That allows the user to use his PicPay balance for any purchase online or at a physical location.


PicPay offers a QR CODE tool targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. The customer can scan the QR code to determine the amount to pay and then confirm the transaction to approve it instantly.

Instalment payments

PicPay’s bill payment service is one of its greatest assets. Users can pay PicPay bills in as many as 12 instalments. This ticket type is a great choice for players who can purchase it at online casinos. You also have the option to pay in instalments.


PicPay also offers the latest payment tool, which allows users to interconnect their digital wallets.

PicPay offers many services and features that make finding a reliable payment method for online casinos and betting easy.

PicPay: How do I deposit at an online casino?

PicPay provides several very useful tools and services for online casinos and bookmakers. There are two main methods to deposit at online casinos via PicPay.

PicPay is an Online Casino that Accepts Deposit Methods

The steps to deposit at a casino that accepts PicPay are as follows:

  1. Register at a trusted online casino: PicPay is a popular deposit method. It is essential to ensure that the platform is secure and reliable.
  2. Look for the Deposit option in the user section: It can be found on the casino’s main page and betting site.
  3. PicPay is the best deposit option out of all the options: Click on the PicPay logo to select it as your deposit mode.
  4. Enter the required online wallet information: If your PicPay account contains identification data, copy and paste it here so the casino can recognize you in the digital wallet.
  5. You must confirm the transaction through your PicPay application: That is essential for the transaction to be completed correctly.

Wait for your confirmation and receipt at your casino/bookmaker.

PicPay is not an option for deposits at online casinos.

You can use your digital wallet to make payments even in online casinos that don’t accept PicPay. Follow these steps:

  1. Register with a reliable online casino, and you can play safely.
  2. Look in the user area for the deposit option.
  3. You can choose from Boleto, debit or credit cards as deposit methods.

PicPay is not offered at the casino. However, players can make payments through the platform using Boleto and PicPay debit or credit cards. They can also be used in games that pay in PicPay.

The bolero allows you to pay up to 12 instalments. That is a huge advantage, and PicPay offers data security.

  1. Enter your card details. Enter the card identification data.
  2. Confirm the transaction in the online casino.
  3. Wait for your confirmation and receipt at your casino/bookmaker.

PicPay is a digital wallet that offers many benefits. Accepting the digital wallet doesn’t require support from the online casino or bookmaker. PicPay is more convenient for the Brazilian gambler and player, who can use it in multiple cases in games that pay PicPay or bets.

What are the Deposit fees for PicPay?

PicPay is a digital wallet that aims to provide a simple and cost-effective platform for its users at the lowest price. That can be seen on the official platform and in the platform’s values.

PicPay charges fees to its users. However, players must be aware of these fees. The good news is that they are easily visible on the main cassino picpay website. It takes a little research to find a tariff or fee option that breaks down the fees by use within the digital wallet.

Some services have fees that are tied to online casino tools. It is, therefore, important to verify what PicPay charges for each tool you use to increase your game winnings to win money with PicPay.

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