How Casinos Win Your Money

pokerchatforum January 18, 2023
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Casino games involve chance, where the draw results can be viewed as a percentage of all possible outcomes. Theoretically, both the casino and players should have equal opportunities to win. But did you know that casinos make the most money from their gamblers and most players are losers? What makes casinos long-term winners? How do they consistently make money from their customers? These three factors make casinos a winner: maximum limit, house edge, and psychological factor.

The House Edge

The mathematical formula that underpins casinos’ success is key to making a lot of money. The “house edge” is the mathematical advantage that casinos have over their players. The house edge advantage allows casinos to calculate their expected revenues. This is the amount of money they will win from their players over the long term. The casino will make more money if the house edge in any casino game is higher. Sic Bo Big / Small has a house edge of 2.78%. This means the casino will ultimately win 2.78% of the money it bets on the Big/Small Sic Bo game. You will lose twice as much if you play a game with a house edge of 5% instead of 2.5%.

The Maximum Limit

It is quite common for casino games to have 5, 6, or even 10 consecutive outcomes that are black or red, either high or low or even or uneven. However, this only occurs in some casinos with 50 successive identical consequences. If the roulette outcomes are black, you will see the red coin turn eventually. If you have enough money to double your betting using Martingale, you can win back any money you lost, plus one chip. This is why casinos set a maximum limit for all games. This ensures that the Martingale methods must be revised, even if you have enough money to double your losses. The Martingale method will allow you to reach the maximum limit at the table and stop you from betting twice as much. Casinos have a winning strategy called the maximum limit.

Psychology Factors

Did you know that winning players want more? They don’t want to lose any money and leave the table. Did you also notice that players who lose money are motivated to get their money back as quickly as possible? They increase their bet size each time they lose money until they lose all of their money.

All gamblers want to be smart, but they have their own betting strategies to make as much money as possible from the casino. In reality, players don’t want to lose money to the casino. They want to win big by making money at the casino

Although their betting strategies may win them initially, they lose track of all the methods they used to win. They then become greedy and abandon their betting strategies. After losing all their money, they will regret their mean behavior. This psychological factor is what makes casinos long-term winners.


The long-term winners are casinos, which enjoy a house edge and maximum limit for every game. The psychology of casino players has also benefited the casino in winning money from them.

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